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Wheelchair Basketball

Mechack playing his first wheelchair basketball match


Wheelchair basketball is still unknown in Rwanda. As our co-founder Mechack Rwampungu is a baller, of course 4BF Inzu wants to change this and make it a popular sport in the country!In the National Paralympics Committee (NPC), we have found a partner for this ambitious vision and will create the country’s first wheelchair basketball league, playing there with our own 4BF Inzu team.


Where we are at

Mechack Rwampungu has successfully completed a formation in wheelchair basketball with NPC and joined the newly founded NPC-team as a captain for their first match in September 2018. Read about the match here.

For December, there is a wheelchair basketball tournament planned in Kigali, in which 4BF Inzu will participate with its own team.


10 things you didn’t know about wheelchair basketball

  1. It was inveted by soldiers more than 70 years ago.
  2. You don’t need to be disabled to play, it’s an inclusive sport.
  3. With a few exceptions, the rules are the same as in regular basketball.
  4. The baskets are the same height too!
  5. You can crash your wheelchair into someone else.
  6. Basketball wheelchairs are totally different from the ones people would use on the street.
  7. The wheelchairs often tip over, but the athletes are held by belts so they don’t fall out.
  8. There’s a classification system according to the impairment to make the game fair.
  9. The sport offers social and physical benefits to everyone.
  10. It’s a great sport to watch!


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