We found a home …

We’re happy to announce that 4BF Inzu found the perfect place for its Inzu Project in Nyamata, Bugesera District.

We decided to go to Nyamata and not Kigali for the first fully accessible house for people in a wheelchair, becoming a socio-economic hub for people with and without a disability in Rwanda for the following reasons:

  1. Kigali is a fast developing city with a lot of facilities, including technology hubs coming up at almost ever corner. But there is more to Rwanda than the capital and a hub as 4BF Inzu is planning to provide is still much needed in other cities of the country, e.g. Nyamata, both for PWD and able-bodied people respectiveley. Hence, it is a huge opportunity not only for us but also for the communities in the District and we look forward to this local committment!
  2. Nyamata is on its best way to become a second central city of the country, hence our Inzu Project goes in line with the development and will add a huge value to the place for locals and new residents.
  3. Especially the area our plot is located in is the perfect environment for our activities at it will be transformed into an active residential area, fully including our work into daily life of society and therefore easing the process of social inclusion of PWD in Rwanda.
  4. We need enough space for this ambitious project which we got in this precious part of land! Also, the Master plan for this area speaks in favor for our plans.
  5. It is simply beautiful 🙂 !

… now it’s about building a house (Inzu) on it!

For this, we are still looking for funds and partners. Please consider supporting us and do not hesitate to reach out!