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Faustin Masengesho
President & Project Manager

Faustin joined 4BF Inzu right at its start and quickly became an indispensable part of the team with his calm type and professional background. He represents Louisa while she’s abroad and mainly works on the field for 4BF Inzu. Before joining us, Faustin graduated in Project Planning and Management (MBA) from Kampala International University and has been committed for fellow students as the chairperson of Banyarwa students association in Uganda. He is well organized and always on the move to make a positive impact in society.

“4BF Inzu combines my personal interests of basketball and giving back to the Rwandan society with my professional background as a Project Manager. I am sure togehter we can shape my country’s development and make it inclusive for people with and without a disability at the same time.”

Mechack Rwampungu
Vice President

Mechack is the soul of our NGO. His positive spirit and invincible will of continuing his life after his accident are the foundation of 4BF Inzu. He never asks for help but fights for equal treatment of PWD in Rwanda. Mechack brings in the direct perspective of living with a disability in Rwanda and raises awareness amongst the NGO-team and the society as a whole. Find out more about his story here. Mechack is a fulltime baller and passionate about IT.

“To be honest, as a former basketball player, I took my legs as granted. I never really realized how important they are in daily life. Without working legs and without knowledge about accessibility, no social or economical participation in Rwanda is possible for people like me – this is why we need 4BF Inzu!” 

Louisa Esther Mugabo
Founder & Executive Director

Louisa is currently living in Denmark but travelling to Rwanda on a regular basis. She holds two bachelor degrees, in Political Science and African Studies and is now studying a Joint Master’s degree in International Journalism, specializing on on War & Conflict Reporting. She works, amongst other activities, as a freelance journalist. Louisa describes herself as multicultural, radical when it comes to the respect of people in general and colorful. She epitomizes the Rwandan philosophy of dreaming big.

“4BF Inzu was born out of the idea to support my friend Mechack. It quickly became a bigger movement. #accessibilityRW is much needed in Rwanda where those who can’t walk are not yet able to participate in the impressively fast development.”

Jean-Paul Hirwa
4BF WBC Manager & Coach

Jean-Paul, or how we call him, JP, has been a basketball fanatic ever since. But instead of pursuing his own career as a player, he decided to give his talent to others through coaching. He is convinced that sports, especially basketball, brings people together and doesn’t look at gender, physical shape or other challenges that are often put in the way of PWD in Rwanda. Therefore he  joined 4BF Inzu to found our own team, 4BF WBC, and continues coaching all players in the National Paralympics Commitee’s wheelchair basketball league.

Brian Kirungi
Secretary General

Deo Kabirigi

The day of Mechack’s accident also changed the life of Deo, his brother. Unremittingly, he has been searching for the best medical, financial and social opportunities his brother can have in Rwanda being paraplegic. His experience with institutions from different sectors – hospitals, insurances, house owners etc. – enables 4BF Inzu to have an overview of the situation on the spot. Deo is a fulltime altruist, and a family person.

“When Mechack was able to leave hospital after the accident we celebrated – until we realized that with his wheelchair he now meets physical, social and economic barriers everywhere. With 4BF Inzu I want to support my brother and inspire fellow Rwandans to be the change that you want to see in the world.”

Sunny Munyandamutsa Niyomugabo

Conflict Resolution

4BF Inzu was born out of the desire to support our friend Mechack. It then became bigger as we needed to accept that so far, there is no institution in Rwanda making inclusion of PWD in a wheelchair a priority. Hence, there are a lot of emotions involved and discussions can be hot in our team. However, we are not a conflict based organization but solution based! As it is our task in the Rwandan society on a bigger scale, also on a smaller scale – in our team – our duty is to highlight and praise our differences and to find matching solutions to avoid negative impacts on our NGO and the society as a whole.


Olivier Kamilindi     Robert Sika                  Josiane Mutamba
President                 Vice President              Secretary

Executive Members

Jean Claude Muzerwa
Josiane Irutingabo
Onesphore Ndayambaje
Fiston Mugabo
Aristide Mugabe
Claude Mukurarinda
Joseph Bukuru