Starting BIG

The initial point of 4BF Inzu was Bank of Kigali’s CSR-campaign #MyWishAt50, starting in February 2017. Being a close friend of Mechack, our founder and Executive Director Louisa posted her wish for a barrier-free house for Mechack on Facebook and Twitter.

(Read the story of Mechack here).



#MyWishAt50 by Bank of Kigali – supporting Mechack

At the end of the campaign in June, Louisa’s wish was chosen as one of the winning ones and Mechack received a cheque of 10.000.000 RWF during an event on June 16, 2017 which is also the first time Mechack went to a social gathering outside of his house with his wheelchair.

Dream big – supporting Mechack & transforming the society

Mechack and Louisa decided to not use the money once for improving Mechack’s living situation on a short term, e.g. by transforming the house into a barrier-free home but still living there without any social and/or economic opportunities. Instead, the idea of 4BF Inzu was born and the money invested into transformation of the whole society towards inclusivity.