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Inzu Project

The Inzu project is without doubt an ambitious project and the first one of its kind in entire Rwanda.


4BF Inzu envisions to build Rwanda’s first fully accessible social hub in Nyamata (Bugesera District) containing of a technology hub, gym, café-bar, basketball court and a model barrier-free residency for people with and without a disability.

The main building in Nyamata will become Rwanad’s first fully accessible public socio-economic space, bringing people with and without a disability together. It will contain:

  • an inclusive technology/innovation hub.
    In Rwanda’s capital Kigali, technology hubs are founded at every corner of the city. The country is fast developing, mainly in the IT-sector opening a lot of economic opportunities.
    Outside of Kigali though, such facilities are absent. Nyamata is one of the most emergent cities of the country therefore is a great site for a such.
    Furthermore, the Internet is one of the few barrier-free working and education areas, without difference also accessible for people in a wheelchair. An inclusive technology hub in Nyamata will hence offer educational and economic opportunities for people in Bugesera District, both with and without a disability. Also, such a facility enhances the cooperation between people with and without a disability and consequently contributes to social inclusion.
  • a barrier-free gym, again for people with and without a disability who like to work out and do sports – because sports connects, it’s simple like that. Additionally, PWD in a wheelchair need constant physiothreapy and special work-out which they can access in such a gym.
  • a café-bar and meeting rooms.
    After sports, while working and during meetings, all you need is good coffee or an ice-cold drink!
    The café-bar and provided meeting rooms revenues will be used to cover 4BF Inzu running costs. The meeting rooms will be used for 4BF Inzu activities but also for social events such as basketball match streamings.

In another part of the 4BF Inzu compound, Rwanda’s first fully accessible residential building for people in a wheelchair will be constructed. This model house will be inhabited by our co-founder Mechack Rwampungu. This will enable him an independent life after many years of being stuck in unaccessible houses.


In March 2009, Rwanda has adopted Building Control Regulations, setting standards for facilities for PWD (Edition 1, Sub-section 3.3.15.) which were worked over by the Rwanda Housing Authority in November 2011. It is written:

Facilites for persons with disabilities […] are important and necessary.

Download the whole booklet by Rwanda Housing Authority here.

Still, public space (including new facilities in Kigali) remain often unaccessible and the situation becomes even worse for people in a wheelchair looking for residency houses which are all not barrier-free.

Therefore, we will be happy to serve with the Inzu project as a model for accessible initiatives in Rwanda, showing how a dignified and independent life in a wheelchair is possible by constructing inclusively.

Where we are at

4BF Inzu possesses a nice plot in Nyamta (Bugesera District) and has worked on first drafts for the ‘Inzu’.

These steps could be realized thanks to the support of our partners :

We are currently looking for further funding to continue the planning process and start with construction by the end of 2019.

Please consider supporting us with a donation or through partnership!

Follow the progress in our actualities blog.