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4BF Inzu is a Rwandan non-profit and non-governmental organization soon to be registered.

We fully depend on donations, be it in terms of finanical support or donations in kind. All donations done in Rwanda and abroad directly go into the projects of 4BF Inzu in Rwanda.

Financial support

Once registered, we will share our account details here. Please always mention “4BF Inzu donation” in your transaction.

4BF Inzu will be qualified to hand out donation receipts for individuals and institutions kindly supporting us once registered.

Donations in kind

Please contact us and we will arrange everything together with you!

We value transparency!

Donations & Support

  • Starting budget, received by BK through the campaign #MyWishAt50: 10.000.000 RWF
  • House planning & drawing: donated by Christoph Spitz, carpenter
  • Office rooms in Kigali city: provided for free by Brian Kirungi, member of Patriots Basketball Club


  • Plot in Nyamata: 7.000.000 RWF
  • Registration and operational expenses until October 2018: tba