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Best Friends

Our activities like the inclusive hub and wheelchair basketball will have positive effects on PWD’s lives and their social surroundings. A new, inclusive network of best friends will be established in the country. Become a friend of 4BF Inzu yourself!

We will build a house (Inzu project) not only for Mechack but for people with and without disability in Nyamta and the whole of Rwanda to work and enjoy together. Until today, visits by Mechack’s friends give him a lot of hope and strength and the friends he found through wheelchair basketball already are for a life. The new hub will provide space for business and private meetings that turn into nice get-togethers instead because everyone will be available to move around as an independent person in contrast to the current houses of many PWD in Rwanda.

On top of that, our organization was founded by a group of friends and every new face in the team is quickly integrated into the family which we definitly want to expand. We will therefore host at least two meetings per month for people in wheelchairs to exchange experiences, ideas and concerns, to support each other and to build a hub of inspiration and inclusion instead of staying excluded of society and life.

All in all, the Inzu will always be full of friends, no matter if living with or without a disability.