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Basketball Fans

As our co-founder Mechack was a rising basketball-star in the Rwandan National League before his accidend, many former playmates are still a big supporting network. That is why, of course, the ball-aspect can’t be ignored in our principles.

Balling moves

People without fully working legs can’t move? – You have never seen the real stars in the midst of real ballers! We can’t wait to introduce to you Rwanda’s first wheelchair basketball team around Mechack and his friends. We count on you as our fans!

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.
~ Michael Jordan ~

Balling connects

“This is my house” – basketball players of every team worldwide claim that their court is their house, but there are few who indeed have a real (and by the way fully accessible) house where they can just do what they love, meet their playmates and fans and cheer together their favorite NBA-team. But one of those will soon exist in Nyamata, Rwanda!

In the public space of Rwanda’s first barrier-free house we will publicly screen basketball matches (e.g. NBA) in the café-bar-lounge. Players from across the country can meet up and follow in Rwanda’s only basketball-bar international matches together. Events like this will attract the basketball family of Rwanda and later become an income generating opportunity for the Inzu, e.g. by selling drinks and food during the screenings.

Patriots Basketball Club from Rwanda National Basketball League together with Mechack at his first visit of the stadium ever after his accident.