Back on the court

This Friday, December 1, was a big day for our founders – but also for the whole basketball league of Rwanda:

Mechack went together with Louisa back to the basketball court for the first time ever after the accident on March 1, 2015.

Mechack and Louisa at the big day of return to the court!

Our Co-Founder had not left his house for over 2.5 years (except of one time to receive BK’s cheque) due to social exclusion in Rwandan society since being paraplegic. Therefore, his turn-up at the National Basketball Stadium in Kigali (known as Petit Stade Remera) was a big emotional step – and a huge surprise for the players of our favorite basketball team, Patriots BBC.

Patriots BBC warmly welcoming Mechack after their match.

The former playmates and whole¬†4BF Inzu¬†team could not be any prouder of our co-founder and we’re happy Patriots rewarded this enormous effort of him with a good match and win! For this evening it seemed that two of our 4BF Principles, Basketball Fans and Best Friends, have been fullfilled!

However, it got evident that there is still a long way to go for the third one, Barrier Freedom, which is needed for the fourth BF, a Bright Future: Sports facilities in Rwanda, including this central national stadium, are not easily accessible, hence exclusionary and should be adjusted accordingly. This is why 4BF Inzu is also doing advocacy for PWD in a wheelchair in Rwanda.

But for now, let’s celebrate this emotional evening together – and watch Mechack giving Rwanda Television an interview that same evening: