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Inzu Project

The Inzu project is without doubt an ambitious project and the first one of its kind in entire Rwanda. Vision 4BF Inzu envisions to build Rwanda’s first fully accessible social hub in Nyamata (Bugesera District) containing of a technology hub, gym, café-bar, basketball court and a model barrier-free residency for people with and without a disability.

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Wheelchair Basketball

Vision Wheelchair basketball is still unknown in Rwanda. 4BF Inzu wants to change this and make it a popular sport in the country to enhance inclusion through sports.

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Advocacy for PWD

Public space in Rwanda rarely is fully and easily accessible for peole in a wheelchair. The concept of barrier-freedom is not well known in the country and prejudices about PWD persist in society. To achieve our overall vision of a fully inclusive Rwandan society, advocacy is needed!

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Barrier Freedom

In Rwanda today, there is still a long way to go – and to roll – in raising awareness about the topic of accessibility for people with a disability. Currently, people in a wheelchair meet insurmountable barriers in daily life on three levels that 4BF Inzu tries to bring to the attention and break down.

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Basketball Fans

As our co-founder Mechack was a rising basketball-star in the Rwandan National League before his accidend, many former playmates are still a big supporting network. That is why, of course, the ball-aspect can’t be ignored in our principles.

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Best Friends

Our activities like the inclusive hub and wheelchair basketball will have positive effects on PWD’s lives and their social surroundings. A new, inclusive network of best friends will be established in the country. Become a friend of 4BF Inzu yourself!

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Bright Future

It is only through the full economic and social inclusion of PWD that they can fully live up to their potentials as fully equal people. Our work shall be a starting point for a new, bright future for people in a wheelchair in Rwanda. 

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What we want & do


A fully inclusive Rwandan society, also for people with a disability (PWD), especially for those sitting in a wheelchair.

In today’s Rwanda, people in a wheelchair are confronted with challenges in their daily living, working, study and social environment. Those challenges include physical barriers dominating the public space and social-economic exclusion due to prejudices.

Consequently, PWD in Rwanda have very limitied access to social, educational and economic activities.

We are persuaded that this represents a serious threat to the wellbeing, development and participation of PWD in the country and hence to the whole society.


It is in the recognition of these challenges and with a sentiment of duty to fulfill Rwanda’s laws and regulations related to PWD, 4BF Inzu has initiated in 2017 and is now operating based on the 4BF-principles.

Following those, three main activities are defined:

  1. Inzu project: building Rwanda’s first completely barrier-free, hence fully accesible, socio-economic hub, containing a technology hub, gym, café-bar, including an inclusive hub in Nyamata (Bugesera District). On the same compound, a model barrier-free residency and a fully accessible basketball court will be constructed;
  2. Wheelchair basketball: Enhancing the inclusion of PWD through promotion and development of wheelchair basketball.
  3. Advocacy: 4BF Inzu works with and for PWD, with a focus on people sitting in a wheelchair, in order to enable their full participation in the Rwandan society. This requires an increased visibility of PWD in daily life for which accessibility of public space is needed, knowledge about challenges PWD meet and inclusive events are a necessitiy – 4BF Inzu works on all of this advocating for PWD and accessibility.

4BF Inzu wishes to remain independent and is not pursuing any economic activities but operates as a non-profit organization. Therefore, we fully depend on partnerships and donations.